"Justice League" Movie to Feature Amazons From "Wonder Woman"

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Directed by Patty Jenkins.

The report further states that Jenkins only had a one-film deal with Warner Bros - which is something that the studio has been known to do in the past with directors that have taken on a big budget studio movie for the first time.

This is Gal Gadot's movie from start to finish, besides being a lovely Wonder Woman, she manages to convey both intelligence and naivete. (SPOILER) With General Antiope dying early in the Wonder Woman movie, the actresses confirming their return hints that there will be more of the Amazons' history. A attractive island paradise where strong, kind, intelligent women ride horses and practice archery and run a civilization - a place where women can live their damn lives without men leering at their bodies and undermining their ambitions.

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We knew that Connie Nielsen, the actress who plays Hippolyta (Wonder Woman's mother), would be popping up in Justice League, but thanks to a new interview with the L.A. Times, we know that all three women will have parts in the next DCEU movie. In the scene, Diana Prince (Gal) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) are seen walking to the frontlines of the WWI, and have a serious conversation about the horrors of war.

"I wanted to make sure we fit into the DC universe".

It is the first major superhero film to be led by a woman and the women who flocked to the film helped it reach the top of the box office last weekend. With that said, how will she return when Wonder Woman joins the rest of the DC Comics crew in Justice League this November? She got to whip Gal Gadot's ass for the greater good (and for the sake of a training montage), and tore her way through a beach of gun-toting dudes before she was shot down and killed. While they were on the set of Wonder Woman, Lilly Aspell said that she would watch the other woman while she was filming in order to attempt to listen to her accent and learn all that she could. My colleague, Gaurang Chauhan, couldn't stop gushing about her in his review of Wonder Woman. The Israeli former fashion model Gadot may not be the best choice, but she is tall and handsome and looks convincing charging the German trenches armed with only a sword.