Henry Cavill's salary same as Gal Gadot's in first film

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They cut out a hole in her costume and covered her belly in a green material, creating a portable green screen, which they later digitally altered to look like the armored abdomen of Wonder Woman. So far, she's faced no competition this month (Cars 3 took the top spot last week, but not the headlines).

Getting a cluttered release with Baywatch, A Death in the Gunj and Dobaara, Wonder Woman remains the only film to have survived till the third week among the rival releases, thanks to the good critical reception and word of mouth. In fact, sources say that an "apples to apples comparison" between contracts for Gadot and Cavill show she made the same, if not slightly more, upfront as her fellow DC hero.

"It has most definitely been a high-profile summer for female helmers", says Lindsay Miller, news and culture director of Popsugar. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 still holds about $50 million over Wonder Woman's domestic total. This only distracts Diana more, since she thought Steve was one of the good guys, so why would he ignore people in distress? "Wonder Woman" hit $609.5 million for its global sum ― $293.2 million domestic and $316.3 million worldwide ― through Thursday, and will officially break the record sometime Friday, Warner Bros. said in a statement to HuffPost. Let's hope it serves as a hopeful sign of things to come not only for DC Comics films, but also for more fresh and different takes on the superhero genre.

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The movie is the journey all the way to Wonder Woman and it's only at that final moment that she steps into the world and becomes our Wonder Woman. And rightfully so. After 70 some years, the Amazon Warrior Princess is finally getting the limelight she deserves out of the shadows of Batman and Superman.

One of the film's highlights is when Wonder Woman defies orders and charges headfirst into the no man's land of the Western Front in Belgium to push Allied troops forward and save a city of innocent civilians on the other side. Obviously, it didn't make one billion. Or how the credits of Wonder Woman tell us why the character is as he is in the DCEU and how it will be in Justice League. She is the embodiment of what Wonder Woman has always symbolized, love equals strength.

"They should be proof that women more than deserve a seat at the table - and behind the camera". I never felt bored or lost in the entire two and a half hours of the movie. Finally, a Jewish woman was playing a character who was sexy AND powerful. The biggest difference is that Frozen sits at No. 9 on the highest-grossing list and Wonder Woman hasn't even gotten on the first page yet.