Google hires Apple Ax designer to build custom Pixel chips

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While with Apple, Gulati was reportedly "instrumental" in designing the various chips used in iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs. The idea of Google producing its own hardware for future smartphones has been floating around for a while but with a chip development expert now in the ranks, it is closer than ever to reality. Up until the launch of the Pixel flagships, Google stayed at arm's length when it came to Android hardware. We may be looking at the beginning of an Android performance revolution in the works! After a almost eight year stint at Apple, Gulati left in April and joined Google last month. The chips are well optimized for iOS that's why they perform excellently well. While Google may design the chips though, it will still need to pay a fabricator to make them, like Samsung or TSMC.

Like most non-Apple phones, Google has leaned on Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipsets for use in its own devices for years, including the now-defunct Nexus lineup and the current Pixel phones. reports that some of these patent filings describe fundamental chip architecture, while others are specific to certain applications.

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Speaking to his qualifications, he is now credited with 15 chip-related patents while at Apple, one of which is the hardware-based secure storage of fingerprints on the iPhone.

"Hiring Gulati could now help Google to get an edge over other companies", according to Variety.