Google gets musical to celebrate filmmaker Oskar Fischinger

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A Google Doodle on Thursday celebrates the artist's 117th birthday.

You then get an option to click around to create your own visual music compilation. He made over 50 short films and painted around 800 canvases that find a place in museums, galleries and collections across the globe. He is known to don many hats - abstract animator, filmmaker, painter, and abstract musical animation creator to name a few. He created special effects for Fritz Lang's 1929 Woman In The Moon, one of the first sci-fi rocket movies ever produced.

The Google Doodle starts with Fischinger's famous quote, "Music is not limited to the world of sound".

His work was groundbreaking; the films were visually stunning despite being created decades before the existence of computer graphics or music videos. His works were impeccable crafted stop-motion animations which were synchronized to music and he constantly fretted and worked over each of them for months and even years before completing a project.

Since the Doodle honors Fischinger's design work, too, there's some appropriately abstract visualizations to sync up with your masterpiece.

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Born on June 22, 1900 in Gelnhausen, Germany, Fischinger trained as a violinist and apprenticed with an organ building firm until the owners were drafted into service.

Fischinger, who was known for his illuminating, animated art set to music, moved to America in the mid-30s as Nazi leader Adolf Hitler cracked down on abstract art.

It became Fischinger's final major piece, as he never again received the necessary funding to create another film before his death in 1967.

Three of Fischinger's films also made the 1984 Olympiad of Animation's list of the world's greatest films.