Full Moon June 2017: When And How To See The Strawberry Moon

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When a full Moon occurs around Perigee, it's called a Supermoon.

Summer is strawberry season, so it's only fitting that this month's full moon is the Strawberry Moon, which will reach its peak June 9 at approximately 9:09 am ET, according to Travel+Leisure.

Not to be confused with a Red Moon, the upcoming full moon doesn't exude any strawberry hues and only occurs once a year.

"The difference between the largest and smallest full moon is only 4 arcminutes, near the limit of what the naked eye can detect", states Ernie Wright, a lead visualizer at the NASA Scientific Visualization Studio.

Not only is June's full strawberry moon famous among Native American tribes, it is also known in other cultures for the same reason.

Clouds will be on the increase Thursday night with rain in the forecast for parts of southern New England after midnight.

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Note: The moon will not appear pink, as the name may imply. The furthest point, also known as the moon's apogee, lies around 250,000 miles away from Earth.

STRAWBERRY MOON. The strawberry harvest is ongoing in many areas during June. It's the opposite of the supermoon, which we see when the moon is at the point in its orbit during that is closest to Earth. It is just a traditional name given to the full moon after predominant characteristics of the month. The moon's orbit around Earth is not shaped as a flawless circle.

The moon's mean distance from the Earth is 238,855 miles. Again, there won't be anything special with how the moon will appear on June 9 nor will it shine in strawberry pink unlike the extremely large supermoon from previous year.

Minimoons are generally slightly less luminous than a regular full moon. Overall, it should be a good night for a Strawberry Moon watch party!

This month's full moon is called the strawberry moon, but the name has nothing to do with its appearance.

It's been called the "mini-moon" and the "micro-moon" according to EarthSky.