White House: Cyberattack has not affected US government

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Tom Bossert, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, said three variants of the malware have been discovered and the US government was closely monitoring the situation with officials in Britain.

In a press conference, the official said that a small number of U.S. companies were victims of the attack, including the courier delivery service company FedEx.

Noting that the administration is closely monitoring the situation around the clock at the highest levels of government, Bossert said the United States is bringing all the capabilities of the U.S. government to bear on this issue, and is working side-by-side with its partners in the private sector and worldwide partners.

The head of European Union police agency said the cyber assault affected 200,000 victims and could grow when businesses return to work on Monday, Reuters said.

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"The ransomware has disrupted telecommunications companies, hospitals, and other organizations". However, he said there was "extremely minimal" effect on patient care, according to his communication with United Kingdom officials. "That was something quite evident in my conversation", he said. FedEx was hit, but the situation is so far under control in the U.S.

Department of Homeland Security continues to lead operations and public/private coordination. "His team is issuing twice daily situation reports, is holding multiple calls per day among experts in operational centers managing our response". "As of today, no federal systems are affected".

Bossert stated that the USA infection rate has been lower than in other parts of the world, but could see additional incidents as malware attacks morph. According to Bossert, those responsible for the cyber-attack have collected less than $70,000 Dollars, blackmailing those affected by the virus for them to pay for recovering their data. However, a Microsoft security patch released in March should protect U.S. networks from the ransomware called, WannaCry. He added not to use unlicensed software to apply these patches.

Later asked who executed that attacks, Bossert said, "We don't know".