US pledges support for Kosovo, European Union hopes

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Members of parliament dismiss government in no-confidence motion, triggering a snap election in June.

34 in favour of an opposition vote of no confidence in the government of prime minister Isa Mustafa.

Thaci dissolved the parliament and the voting is expected in a two-week spell between 30 to 45 days.

Opposition parties have blamed Mustafa's Cabinet for being unable to carry out its program and pass important laws. President Hashim Thaci also asked the current Cabinet ministers on Thursday to continue serving citizens until the election.

The 2 1/2-year governing coalition is made up of Mustafa's Democratic League of Kosovo, which has the second-biggest number of seats in the 120-seat parliament, and the Democratic Party of Kosovo of parliamentary Speaker Kadri Veseli, which is the biggest.

They are now expecting for the decision of Kosovo's President, Hashim Thaci, to convene elections and arrange the interim nature of the executive, which should be done within 10 days from today.

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Kosovo's government fell on Wednesday after the ruling coalition partner Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) backed the no-confidence vote filed by the opposition, which blames the government for not opening the promised new jobs and failures in the energy, telecommunication and other sectors.

The government had been hobbled by its inability to secure a majority in parliament over a border demarcation deal with neighboring Montenegro, despite pressure from the USA government.

The opposition has been calling for an end to Mustafa's government for the last two years, mainly over the agreements Mustafa signed in Brussels in 2015 on border demarcation with Montenegro, which still needs parliamentary approval.

"I consider that the request is aimed at destabilizing the country and creating distrust in its institutions and institutional vacuum". The Democratic Party of Kosovo of Speaker Kadri Veseli now has the most members in parliament.

Kosovo broke with Serbia in 1999 after a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation bombing campaign halted a campaign of "ethnic cleansing" directed against ethnic Albanians by Serbian forces trying to stamp out a two-year insurgency and declared independence in 2008. While it has been recognized by 114 countries, Serbia, Russia, China, India, Iran and European Union members Spain and Greece have not recognized Kosovo as an independent state.