Trump's Religious Liberty Order Is Hit With Lawsuit

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Metcalf-Armstrong said although the order stops short allowing groups and businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community- the overall vagueness of the executive order could be unsafe.

As Conservative Review pointed out earlier in the day, the ACLU has a point, as the long-anticipated move merely left it to administration officials to provide "regulatory relief" to those affected by Obamacare's more onerous mandates and not act discriminatorily to religious nonprofits.

"Today we are grateful for the President's order and look forward to the agencies giving us an exemption so that we can continue caring for the elderly poor and dying as if they were Christ himself without the fear of government punishment", it read. The group wants the court to declare that it gives preferential treatment to churches and halt the IRS from implementing it.

"We intend to file suit today", said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero in a statement released minutes after the order was made public.

During his campaign, Trump promised to repeal the Johnson Amendment.

The statement came after Trump signed a "religious freedom" executive order Thursday. It takes stun at the Johnson Amendment, which provides enforcement mechanisms against religious organizations that get involved in politics.

This executive order directs the Internal Revenue Service not to unfairly target churches and religious organisations for political speech.

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Ralph Reed, a longtime evangelical leader and founder of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, said he was briefed by White House officials about the text of the executive order.

The President also ordered the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Labor, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services to "consider issuing amended regulations, consistent with applicable law, to address conscience-based objections to the preventive-care mandate promulgated under section 300gg-13 (a)(4) of title 42, United States Code".

But the head of Log Cabin Republicans, a group that represents gay conservatives, said the idea that the executive order harms gay Americans is "total nonsense".

"We strongly encourage the president to see his campaign promise through to completion", Baylor said.

As a candidate and shortly after taking office, Trump declared he would "totally destroy" what's known as the Johnson Amendment, a six-decade-old ban on churches and other tax-exempt organizations supporting political candidates.

When Trump's first attempt at this EO stalled and he decided not to roll back the Obama administration's 2014 executive order that prohibits discrimination against LGBT employees of federal contractors, Mike Pence praised his "generous spirit" and said "there's no room for prejudice" in Trump's "patriot's heart".