Tottenham's Son Heung-min is Premier League player of month

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Spurs have confirmed the defender is back on the training pitches and could feature before the end of the season but he won't be ready in time to take on United in the final game at White Hart Lane on Sunday.

As for other rivals, Arsenal were close to £100m, while the two Manchester giants spent more than £150m each.

"But one of the mistakes I made was that I said that the size of White Hart Lane maybe doesn't help us in the way we want to play".

The Argentinian said: "Sure the season so far was good and it's true when you don't win you feel disappointed because that is our ambition".

Tottenham will expect to be busy again in the summer transfer window, and while they will not be challenging for the £90m-plus players any time soon, that does not mean they can not generate a few of their own the old fashioned way.

"But we are always asking questions of ourselves and trying to make better decisions and make the team stronger".

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I am no money expert; however, my basic understanding of business tells me that to replace a 30 goal-a-season striker, the most talented young midfielder in Europe and the Premier League's best centre half (to name a few within this squad) would be less problematic and cheaper to facilitate with a mere increase in wage, as Tottenham look to build on this incredible momentum they now have.

And Pochettino insists that Spurs, who are likely to finish second in the Premier League for the first time, will look inwards before looking to the transfer market.

"I am very sensitive person and so emotional, so it will be hard not to cry", Pochettino said. You play for your pride. It will be tough for us and tough for them.

Pochettino's men can still keep their hopes of finishing second though if they manage to earn a win against Mourinho's Man United.

Marouane Fellaini is suspended and nobody could blame Paul Pogba for missing the match after his father Fassou Antoine passed away.