'The Gifted' trailer puts young X-Men on the run

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Last week Marvel and FOX gave us a teaser for their upcoming tv series THE GIFTED and promised a full trailer today. You probably shouldn't get your hopes up of seeing Wolverine slicing and dicing through the crowds.

Bryan Singer, who directed the X-Men films X-Men, X2, and X-Men: Days of Future Past, has signed on to direct The Gifted. The X-Men used to be a commentary on the racial divide in our country.

The catch is that their father, played by True Blood's Stephen Moyer, is a District Attorney with a reputation for putting mutants behind bars.

This first trailer isn't especially promising as, from first appearances alone, this just utilizes Singer's go-to X-Men tropes that he's been pulling from since 2000.

Feared. Persecuted. Hunted. The familiar mainstays of Fox's mutant saga are all intact in the first official trailer for The Gifted. The Gifted indeed looks like a Singer take on Heroes: a buttoned-up family man, misunderstood teens, and an underground cabal of powered people.

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Now this could all be speculation, but one of the announced characters is Lorna Dane, a.k.a. Polaris, who will be portrayed by Emma Dumont.

The Gifted is expected to occupy a Monday night slot on Fox this fall season, and we'll keep you right up-to-date as the network zeroes in on a specific premiere date.

There's plenty of references to the X-Men and their sometimes enemies the Brotherhood as well as lots of teenagers showing off their super powers while being chased by government forces so familiar territory really.

The show revolves around a family whose children have mutant powers. But she will now be played by Jamie Chung on the show. However, upon the discovery that both of his kids are mutants, he abandons that life and works to protect his family above all else. Also, we see Blink, a teleporting mutant who also appeared in Days of Future Past, which further muddles any connections. And that may just be the thing to make this show a hit.