Rice chides Trump for criticism of judges, media

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RICE: I think it was personal.

"We have a different kind of president, alright?"

"I never thought I'd hear you say that, so thank you very, very much", Rice replied. And when you haven't been in government before, sometimes it looks kind of easy in there, until you get in there.

"And so I do think that when we were finally able to deliver the promise of the Constitution to people like me, little girls growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, when finally my father was able to vote without difficulty, yes, it's the second founding of America", she added. Now, I can tell you that I was with him on many occasions and one particular occasion we went into a room to discuss and his people are sitting on one sofa. "Something has to be done about that nuclear program", she said. The adviser to former president George W. Bush spoke to The Washington Post about her book and whether she is offering advice to the new Republican administration. "Until the new president is sworn in, the president who is there gets to make the policy..."

Trump's daughter Tiffany to attend Georgetown Law School
Trump was raised in California by her mother, whom she praised a year ago in People magazine for giving her a normal childhood. Tiffany graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in spring 2016 with a degree in sociology with a concentration in law.

Rice also weighed in on warnings that Obama administration officials, including from the former president himself, gave Trump about his former advisor, Michael Flynn, and Flynn's ties to Russian Federation.

"And so they're trying to change the Chinese calculus".

Rice seemed to support Trump's presidency, however, and noted that it was in the hands of US citizens to be "smart".

Rice said Americans should be "comforted" by Trump's choice to replace him. "'At a time of our choosing, we will find a way to punish you for that behavior.'" She said that Putin is an eye-for-an-eye type of person and because Secretary Hillary Clinton questioned the legitimacy of his election in 2012 he has made a decision to cause enough problems that others question the legitimacy of the American election. Let's be clear: "he obviously knows what he's doing", she said.