Political parties waiting and watching Rajinikanth's next move

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A woman meets Rajinikanth in Chennai on Thursday.

Addressing a large gathering of his fans here on the last day of the interaction, Rajinikanth made it clear that it's not quite the time yet for his political entry. For the past 44 years I have been living in Tamil Nadu, among you.

Using the popular one word dialogue "Magizhchi (happy)' from Rajinikanth's blockbuster movie 'Kabali", Stalin said, "I am replying in his language". He alone, they believe, can fill the vacuum left by Jayalalithaa's death and the fading of the ailing nonagenarian, M. Karunanidhi.

Going by his comments, the charismatic actor is likely to float a new party, which has made existing parties such as the BJP, AIADMK and DMK nervous.

On the last day of his meet-and-greet today, Rajinikanth's fans were expecting something major, perhaps an announcement.

"When a war came, they came to the rescue of their motherland. So, I warn you now itself to stay away", he had added, as per agency. I have lots of work, all of you also have work to do, so go back and start doing it.

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On Friday, superstar Rajinikanth hinted he might make the political plunge when the time comes. He also acknowledged other leaders like PMK youth wing leader Anbumani Ramadoss, VCK chief Thol. The actor had said he had no desire to join politics, but if he does, the actor would avoid ll "money-minded" people. But what do we do when the system is rotten, democracy has deteriorated. "The system is corrupted, we should bring the change", said Rajinikanth.

"Cho Ramaswamy used to say that Mr. Stalin will do wonders if he is given a free hand. But the system is affected, no?" he asked.

"I was in Karnataka only for 23 years and have been in Tamil Nadu for more than 40 years".

Naam Thamizhar leader P. Seeman said only a man born in Tamil soil should rule the state. "If I have to live anywhere in this world that will be in Tamil Nadu", he said. "My fans have made me Tamil". "If you throw me out of this state, I'll go fall in Himalayas and not anywhere else", said the actor.

Questions were often raised "if Rajinikanth is a Tamil", he added.

"I did a mistake by supporting a political alliance 21 years ago".