Landmark 200th Space Station Spacewalk Starts With Glitch But Ends in 'Awesomesauce'

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Two U.S. astronauts floated outside the International Space Station on Friday on a four-hour spacewalk with an abbreviated task list after a cable supplying power, oxygen, cooling water and communications to a spacesuit developed a leak, NASA said. App users can tune in here.

Astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer put on spacesuits Friday to head outside the International Space Station for several fix and maintenance tasks, but the duo will likely only complete part of their work after a leaky cooling umbilical delayed the start of their spacewalk. She already held the record for most spacewalks executed by a female astronaut.

The U.S. space agency made it clear throughout the mission that Fischer's suit was fine and the leak was contained.

"The biggest slice of awesome pie I've ever seen", said Fischer, using one of his favorite expressions to describe the scene.

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As the spacewalk concluded, Whitson said it was "amazing" to have completed the station's 200th spacewalk.

The official start time, 9:08 am (1308 GMT), was about two hours after it was supposed to begin, according to NASA. Fischer shared one of his more interesting efforts on Twitter Thursday, delivering a photo of an island that looks like it's cosplaying as fictional space alien E.T.'s famous glowing finger.

The astronauts will focus on one key task, to replace what is known as the ExPRESS Carrier Avionics, or ExPCA, box.

As of now, astronauts who have performed spacewalks have clocked up a total of 1,247 hours and 55 minutes working outside the station during 200 spacewalks in support of assembly and maintenance of the orbiting laboratory. The adaptor will enable companies like SpaceX and Boeing to visit the station, making it an important port for the future of space exploration. Yurchikhin and Fischer launched April 20 with an empty seat, part of a Russian effort to reduce costs. Gennady Padalka, with 878 days over five flights, tops the list.