Idris Elba Stars In The Dark Tower Official Trailer

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Originally set to be directed by Ron Howard (who is still on board as a producer), The Dark Tower is the latest film from Nikolaj Arcel, who previously helmed A Royal Affair. If Roland doesn't reach the point between time and space in "End World", he may not be able to save the world from extinction. But with various monsters and a vicious sorcerer named Walter Padick hot on their trail, the unlikely duo find that their quest may be hard to complete.

We've been enduring a hell of a wait for this trailer. While this may seem like a weird route to take, it does make sense within the framework of the multiversal, time-spanning fantasy King created. I was definitely familiar with Stephen King. He is traveling Mid-World, which in the novels (and apparently the film) seems to be a version of our world long after some kind of apocalyptic event.

The focus on Tom Taylor's character, Eddie, kind of sucks, even though it might be both close to the source material and a stereotypical feature of almost every single King work and adaptation since the fuckin" "70s, and we're not that excited to watch him navigate an American accent for the first time. Did that put a certain amount of responsibility on your shoulders? But it feels like something is missing; basically the feeling the books gave me when I first read them.

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' However the wonderful thing with being an actor in film is that I am able to interpret the character and I hope the fans are proud of our interpretation'. Combine this with a odd approach that allows the film to act as an adaptation of the books and a sequel to them (the spoilerly explanation can be found here) and you have a movie with a lot resting on its shoulders.

The movie has been talked about and teased for ages, but at last we have our first look at some footage, and boy does it look good. That said, it's clearly not an exact translation of the story that we know and love. Not just his quest to kill the Man in Black, but also the fact that he shoots not with his gun, but with his heart. "I aim with my eye". What's your favorite new word or phrase from the Dark Tower vocabulary?

In the film adaptation, The Dark Tower follows Deschain as he attempts to find the Man in Black and reach the Dark Tower in the process in a valiant attempt to save his world from sure devastation.