How the Outcome of the French Election Will Impact Europe

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Emmanuel macron has vowed to fight a divided and fractured France after wining a decisive victory over the far-right Front National candidate Marine Le Pen in the country's presidential election. "(Vall's) voice is not insignificant, but his candidacy will be treated like anyone else's".

The incoming French leader has also agreed to a first meeting with US President Donald Trump, on the margins of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders summit in Brussels on May 25, the White House said.

Valls, a center-leaning politician in favor of relaxing labor protections, had already thrown his support behind Macron before the presidential election after losing to Benoit Hamon in the Socialist primary.

Valls told RTL radio that France's Socialist party "is dead and behind us" and said he wants to join Macron's Republic on the Move to run for a seat in parliament.

Trump congratulated Macron on his victory during a telephone call on Monday, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated the importance of the election outcome.

The socialists were resoundingly beaten in the first round of the French election on April 23 in which Hamon received only 6.36 percent of the vote.

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"If some (people) want to leave and go apart, they can do so and let us work", he said.

The centrist Macron, 39, formed his own party only last year, and his election victory over the National Front's Marine Le Pen on Sunday has destroyed the dominance of the centre-left and centre-right parties which have governed France for almost 60 years. I'm not living with regrets. Macron is the first president of modern France elected as an independent.

Mr Macron founded his centrist En Marche (On The Move) movement of mostly political neophytes just a year ago on a promise to inject new blood into France's discredited political class.Half of his candidates for the 577 seats up for grabs in the general election will be newcomers to politics, he has said.

New members are flocking to French President-elect Emmanuel Macron's party as it prepares for the elections to the National Assembly next month - starting with a change in its name.

If Mr Macron's party performs poorly, he could also be forced to form a coalition government, a regular occurrence in many European countries but far less common in France.