Gunman opens fire in southeast Dallas, killing 1 and injuring 3

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Dallas Police walk a neighborhood a block away from a shooting in Dallas, Monday, May 1, 2017. Police sent in a robot to have a look and found two bodies, Brown and another unidentified person.

Authorities are scouring a Dallas neighborhood for a suspect after a paramedic and a civilian were shot.

The injured paramedic was transported to a hospital, Dallas police told KTVT. Rawlings says the paramedic is out of surgery and in intensive care. Though the union initially reported that a firefighter was shot, the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department later said it was a paramedic. The Dallas Police Department tweeted that a member of Dallas Fire Rescue had been shot, but no details about the circumstances have been confirmed. Authorities have not identified him, but did say he is an 11-year veteran of the department.

As Bruce and McPherson were pinned down, Dallas police officer Matthew Merta and his partner, Dallas police Sgt. Robert Watson and officer J.J. Kalash got to the house. They've surrounded the home where the firefighter was shot on Reynolds Avenue, near Dolphin Road and Interstate 30.

At 11:36 a.m. Monday, Dallas Police officers William Bruce and Thomas McPherson arrived at the house and spotted Brown, still outside and holding what police say was a 7.62 caliber semi-automatic rifle.

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Police said the DFR medic was the first to respond to a shooting call and began providing medical treatment upon arrival. Brown fired his gun, shooting and critically injuring one of the paramedics.

"We believe the threat to the neighborhood where this shooting occurred is over", Rawlings said. The assailant, a former U.S. Army reservist who had posted an angry rant against white people on a Facebook page, was killed in a police-initiated explosion after being cornered in a parking garage. The unidentified officer "went above and beyond as numerous Dallas police officers do each and every day", Pughes said. Police arrived and took cover immediately and returned fire at the shooter, but the gunman was able to escape. "Every day, these fire-rescue officers and the police put their lives on the line".

Dallas Police guard an area of a neighborhood where a shooting took place in east Dallas, Monday, May 1, 2017.

As police arrived at the scene, they too came under fire, according to the Dallas Police Association, which said officers were "pinned down" by gunfire.