Flint Homeowners May Face Foreclosure Due To Unpaid Water Bills

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The hits keep coming for the people of Flint, where more than 8,000 residents now stand to lose their homes if they don't pay up on overdue water bills.

But that doesn't mean they're not being charged for it. But after they ran out, the city was forced to send 8,002 letters to collect on two years of delinquent water payments totaling $5.8 billion.

Citizens, many of whom are living a tick above the state's poverty line, are now being asked to pay down bills for water pipes that are still not considered up to par.

After getting her warning letter in late April, she told NBC 25, she was considering skipping her mortgage or auto payments to come up with the balance.

Now homeowners have to come up with the money-which for some reportedly runs into the hundreds of dollars-or be thrust into foreclosure proceedings after the May 19 deadline.

Flint was the site of one of the worst water crises in the country's history, when it was revealed that the city water supply was contaminated with bacteria and lead.

"Flint families should not have to pay for water that they still can not drink and they certainly should not lose their homes over this ongoing water crisis that was caused by the callous decisions of state government" Kildee said.

City officials sent warning letters to more than 8,000 residents in April notifying them that MI ended a program that was paying most of their water bills.

There are families and seniors facing water shutoffs and high bills.

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Recently, Michigan officials discontinued an initiative that footed residents' water bills, adding that $41 million was spent throughout the initiative's tenure, Washington Post adds.

"I understand the concerns that have been raised and I am working to see if any changes or something can be done to help those affected by this, especially given the extraordinary circumstances we have endured due to the water crisis", she said in a statement.

If they don't fork up by May 19, their homes could get foreclosed on.

Unfortunately, her story is similar to thousands of other residents who have to make the same hard and inhumane choice after suffering years of contaminated water.

The city, however, is in a bind.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said she sympathizes with residents, but the city has to follow the law as established by the ordinance.

The drinking water in Flint, Mich., is now in compliance with federal regulations on lead and copper content, officials said on Tuesday.

The city has since started paying Detroit for tap water, and earlier this year, state officials said lead in the water had fallen to safer levels.