Facebook Messenger has had a makeover

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The social networking site is rolling out a new feature that consolidates Facebook, Messenger and Instagram notifications on the Facebook app.

The new update for Facebook Messenger bring a redesign of the home screen of the app, which would make it easier for people to use navigation. It is unclear if this is a feature that will be sticking around or if Facebook could decide to ditch it, but what do you guys think? However, that is about to change now as Facebook is looking to integrate all three in terms of notifications. The photo sharing app also allows users to share videos that play on reverse mode and add hashtag stickers to the pictures. With a single tap, they'll be taken to the respective app, which will in turn lead to a net rise in engagement for the Facebook app family.

Apparently, the said feature appears to be popping for some select Facebook for iOS app users.

New tabs for Messages, Active and Groups do very much what you would expect them to do. Older versions of the Facebook app had the Messenger icon in that corner, which would then launch the Messenger app.

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The feature was reportedly first spotted by social media analyst Mari Smith, and was later confirmed by Facebook. The circular red icons with numbers denote unread notifications.

With Facebook Messenger's new emphasis to go back messaging, it is faster than ever "to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected".

The revamped home screen has been "organised" to keep the people and businesses you care about easily accessible while maintaining all popular features. The app also will direct you to visit other areas by displaying a red dot on sections and tabs that have new activity. The new visual look will start rolling out worldwide on Android and iOS from this week.