Cyber attack is biggest of its kind ever launched, say security chiefs

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The new infections were largely in Asia, which had been closed for business when the malware first struck.

Nevertheless, the attack hit 48 NHS Trusts, and a number are still affected, including London's Barts Health NHS Trust, which runs The Royal London Hospital, Newham Hospital, Whipps Cross Hospital, Mile End Hospital and St Bartholomew's Hospital.

"We haven't seen a second spike in #WannaCry #ransomware attacks, but that doesn't mean there won't be one", the NCA, said on Twitter.

Since Friday, more than 200,000 victims in around 150 countries have been infected by the ransomware which originated in the United Kingdom and Spain on Friday before spreading globally.

However, this morning the trust confirmed it had not suffered from the attack, which also targeted the Russian Interior Ministry and Spanish telecoms giant, Telefonica, amongst other global organisations.

Carmaker Renault said one of its French plants, which employs 3,500 people, wasn't reopening Monday as a "preventative step".

England's National Health Service said 47 organizations providing care had been hit and on Sunday afternoon seven hospitals were continuing to divert patients from the emergency room. Channel One cited whistleblower Edward Snowden as claiming that it was "particularly concerning" that "the viruses that attacked the world were created at the National Security Agency".

Asked if the government had ignored warnings over the NHS being at risk from cyber attack, Prime Minister Theresa May told Sky News: "No".

NHS Incident Director Anne Rainsbury says pathology services were the most seriously affected, alongside imaging services, such as MRI and CT scans, and X-rays, which transmit images via computers.

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"This incident emphasises the importance for all of us - the public and private sectors, as well as the general public - to have the appropriate measures in place to protect against these kinds of attack. There is going to have to be change at levels where change can be made".

South Korea's presidential Blue House office said nine cases of ransomware were found in the country, but did not provide details on where the cyber attacks were discovered.

The Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center, a nonprofit group, said 2,000 computers at 600 locations in Japan were affected.

Britain spends about 145 billion pounds ($187 billion) a year on health, or about a fifth of its state budget, and spending is projected to rise in real terms though the British media has repeatedly reported of a looming health crisis due to an ageing population. There is still no evidence any of our hospital systems were affected and we are completely confident no patient data was involved. Patients are being urged to use the NHS "wisely", and only make appointments if urgent. Then, hackers demand $300 to decode files, encrypted by the virus. "It's a big priority of mine that we protect the financial infrastructure", he said.

The president of Microsoft laid some of the blame at the feet of the US government. The malicious software was transmitted via email and stolen from the National Security Agency, reports the New York Times.

"Ransomware is following the same trajectory as phishing", said Phillip Hallam-Baker, an expert at the digital security firm Comodo.

Shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth, in a letter to Mr Hunt, said concerns were repeatedly flagged about outdated computer systems and he accused the Government of "raiding" NHS capital budgets to fund day-to-day spending. Bossert said the USA hasn't ruled out involvement by a foreign government, but that the recent ransom demands suggest a criminal network.

The company believes the problems are related to the ransomware attack, although no ransom is being demanded.