Corporate Tax Reform: Expect the Unexpected

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Tax reform, along with regulatory relief and fair trade deals-and we're going to make them fair-but even really good again for our country, and for our workers.

"Tax cuts are a good idea - they help growth - but only if they're paid for", adds economist Mark Zandi in the Post.

The top federal tax rate on businesses is 35%, and Trump wants to slash it to 15%.

But the issue is complex.

So how dramatic the proposed cut in the headline rate would be in practice would depend on how resolute lawmakers are in taking on the vested interests behind those tax expenditures. This would increase the competitiveness of American businesses.

As of three years ago, businesses seemed to be slowly regaining their investment confidence. So you'll have better healthcare at a lower cost. The stronger dollar hurt companies that sell their products overseas, and exports fell.

That differential might not be enough to convince an American company to close up shop in B.C. and relocate its operations back to the U.S., Flynn said, but it might prevent future investment here. Asked about it in the fall, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen was perplexed. Hard-working Americans deserve a tax system that creates jobs here at home, not drives them overseas. At the time, that was lower than most other developed countries but in the 30 years since then, the average corporate tax rate of other developed economies has steadily declined, and has been lower than the statutory USA rate since the late 1990s.

If the GOP is successful at putting the screws to poor and the middle class by eliminating Obamacare, Trump and his Republican Congress will take a crack at doing the same thing via the rich man's version of tax reform. Despite the US" reputation for "big business' its current tax rate places it higher than countries known for somewhat heavy-handed approaches to tax, like France. However, lower income taxpayers are shielded from this change by proposed increases in the standard deduction and other taxpayers (particularly those in upper middle income brackets) are sheltered by the elimination of the AMT, which already excludes the state and local tax deduction in its calculation.

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The politics around BEPS is driven by the fact that it is easy to look at how much money a multinational "makes" in New Zealand and then at how little tax it pays here and conclude that we are being ripped off in some way. "That puts USA companies at a tremendous disadvantage to other nations' companies and reduces the money they have available for investing and hiring new workers". The less creditworthy you are, the higher your interest rate.

A New York state senator has filed a bill that would require the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to release New York State income tax returns for all government officials elected statewide - including the president of the United States. What all this means is that the present value of government spending has to be matched by the present value of all other words, Trump's tax plan is unsustainable.

There's broad consensus that the combination of a high corporate tax rate and the way foreign earnings are taxed puts the United States at a global disadvantage.

As Congress and the White House begin talks to reform the us tax code, Texans should be particularly concerned. On the flip side, voters are likely to get very mad if they see a tax code cutting taxes for the rich and for corporations and increasing the debt.

"Our objective is to make US businesses the most competitive in the world", Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said last week in unveiling the administration's one-page list of principles for tax reform.

"Since that time there has been growing pressure for the drop its rate", Dyreng said.

The House Republican plan calls for an 8.75 percent rate on cash and 3.5 percent on other investments. The new rate of 15% would bring it on a par with Canada and Germany.

But in a tight economic environment, she hasn't been able to do that. And it is worthwhile to compare these effects to both current law and the more detailed House Republican tax plan. The House Bill is a plan that will save Americans from this disaster, and replace it with more choices, and more freedom for American families.

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