Bill Cosby doesn't expect to testify at sex assault trial

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Cosby, who turns 80 in July, said his lawyers won't let him discuss the criminal case.

Smerconish asked Cosby: "What do you say to the person who puts credence in the charges against you because of the number of women who have come out and said the similar thing?"

According to Entertainment Weekly, Michael Smerconish interviewed Cosby for a SiriusXM segment that is scheduled to air on Tuesday.

Cosby also denied the interview was meant for the ears of the men and women who will decide his fate, a jury that will chosen in the Pittsburgh area because his lawyers claimed the Philadelphia-area jury pool was tainted by bad press. "Nefarious is a great word".

Statements from two of Cosby's daughters, Ensa and Erinn, first aired Monday on The Breakfast Club, a morning show on a NY radio station that is syndicated across the country.

"I know the side that I'm on and the side that I'm hoping for", Cosby said. His daughters vigorously defended him as a civil rights activist, advocate for children, educator, philanthropist and role model.

Cosby was also asked how he would like to be remembered. On Monday, he tweeted that he loved his wife, Camille, and his four daughters, including his late son Ennis.

Klieman says the interview could be part of an effort to remind potential jurors of Cosby's presumption of innocence.

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Bill Cosby said Tuesday he won't testify in his own defense at his sex-assault trial in Norristown next month because it would expose him to cross examination.

"I knew that there would be limitations on that which he would be able and willing to say pertaining to the upcoming trial", he said after being approached by a Cosby rep with statements from the family and asking for an interview with the actor directly.

In addition, Cosby suggested he may want to return to performing depending on the outcome of the trial and how that impacts public opinion. His lead attorney, Angela Agrusa, said in an interview that their strategy is to change the optics. He told her they were herbal stress relievers.

Bill Cosby described his health as generally good but said glaucoma has left him legally blind. "And if the jury comes for the other side of the so forth and so on, it's still public opinion. The burden of proof for this one human being has shifted", Agrusa said to THR in April.

In an interview with Sirius XM's Michael Smerconish, Cosby spoke about the charges of racism that his daughter Ensa also made reference to Monday in a statement to The Breakfast Club.

Constand says that Bill Cosby gave her wine and three pills.

"Could be", Cosby replied. A source close to the situation tells me Cosby plans several more such media appearances in the next few weeks, choosing venues where he can control to varying degrees the questions and the probing.

SMERCONISH: But your accusers are both black and white.