After Texas tornadoes, strangers rescue a family

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The confused shouts of rescuers mingle with the rush of water, and Ocheltree's heart-rending scream.

The rescuer told them he was inspired by thoughts of his own family as he joined others in battling the floodwaters. It's not clear whether Mitchell was first to the scene. They were able to revive her. I can't go over there. "And my sister said, 'Pull over, y'all.' I said, 'No, the Lord told me to keep going'".

A group of men saved the children after forcing their way into the overturned vehicle which was partially submerged in fast-moving floodwater near Myrtle Springs east of Dallas. She immediately called 911.

"I need a knife", a man yells in the video, as the group of men surrounded the truck. Please help my kids.

Tom Mitchell, who shot the video, was driving around after the storm looking for a way to help.

With several there standing by the upside down vehicle, they desperately tried to get the doors open.

Once the baby was pulled from the vehicle, Tom Mitchell said the child was not moving and limp.

"Give him breath, Lord, give him breath", the woman says. "Let him breathe, Lord, let him breathe", Howard prayed fervently.

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"Come on Lord, in the name of Jesus let her breathe, Lord breathe in her, breathe in her Lord, breathe in her Lord, in the name of Jesus breathe in her Lord".

Towards the end of the video, people can be heard celebrating as the baby started to breathe.

Within moments, Marshall began breathing.

But Addyson still wasn't breathing well, and she was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was put under sedation and given a breathing tube.

Knowing that he was not strong enough to withstand the current, Mitchell instead began to document the rescue efforts that were unfolding in front of his eyes, in a video that has now been viewed on Facebook more than 27 million times since Sunday.

Yesterday, WFAA-TV Channel 8 arranged for the Ocheltrees to meet one of their rescuers. "You did such a good job".

At least four people were killed and 49 people were hurt, while another individual is missing, Canton Mayor Lou Ann Everett said. Would you join us by making a donation today to this important work?