100 days in, Donald Trump says he has brought about 'profound change'

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Already, I've helped pass 29 bills that President Trump has signed - the most for a president's first 100 days since Truman was elected.

Even as he returned to politically important Pennsylvania, Trump seemed torn between who he was courting.

"With Trump's approach to governance via Twitter, it's no wonder that volatility has increased, and volumes as a result", said Bipan Rai, senior foreign-exchange and macro strategist at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Toronto.

Trump signed an executive order Saturday directing the Commerce Department and the USA trade representative to conduct a study of US trade agreements.

Donald Trump at a celebration rally. He was then to hold a campaign-style rally in Harrisburg, the state capital.

Fox News, a favorite among conservatives, topped its website with an article praising Trump's record under the headline: "100 days of disruption: How Trump rewrote the presidential playbook as Dems tried to derail plans".

The White House press corps gathered on Saturday for its annual black-tie dinner, a toned-down affair this year after Donald Trump snubbed the event, becoming the first incumbent US president to bow out in 36 years.

Woodward directed his message directly to the absent Trump and said, "Mr. President, the media is not fake news.

The media deserves a very big, fat, failing grade", Trump said sarcastically over the media's coverage of his achievements during his first 100 days in office.

While on the stump, Donald Trump also said that on his very first day in the White House he would impose a 45 percent tariff on Chinese imports. He added: "And I could not possibly be more thrilled than to be more than 100 miles away from Washington's swamp, spending my evening with all of you and with a much, much larger crowd and much better people, right?" "And I'll be so angry at Congressman (Mike) Kelly and Congressman (Tom) Marino and all of our congressmen in this room if we don't get that damn thing passed quickly".

Workers March Across the World for May Day
During the meetings, Singaravelar passed a resolution that the government should declare May Day or Labour Day a national holiday. Hostile trade unions poured water on labour ministry's plan to celebrate the International Labour Day together on Monday.

Trump ended his speech with the rousing promise: "We will make America strong again, we will make American wealthy again, we will make America prosper again, we will make America safe again we will make American great again".

A crowd of approximately 200 protesters marched outside the Farm Show Complex, shouting, "We're going to beat back the Trump attack".

Executive orders in line to be signed Saturday would be the 31st and 32nd since President Trump took office _ the most of any president in his first 100 days since World War II. Asked during an interview for CBS' "Face the Nation" if military action would follow a nuclear test by the North, Trump responded: "I don't know".

The state was critical to Trump's victory.

During his opening remarks, the WHCA president argued that "press access under President Trump has been very good", citing several press conferences in Trump's early days in office and reporters having access aboard Air Force One.

The administration is also imposing duties on Canadian softwood timber and is investigating whether steel and aluminum imports pose a threat to national security.

While Trump is correct that a trip to New York City would be much more costly to the American people, that does not mean that his dalliances across the country at his private clubs are more acceptable. With Trump out, organizers put the focus on the First Amendment and the role of the press in democracy.

Meanwhile, a sizeable protest group assembled across the street.

Papenfuse told the crowd that Trump had succeeded in one area - "inspiring the grass roots!" - to cheers from the people who stood in a wide semicircle to hear him.