Man charged with keeping neighbor in pit is held on $1M bond

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Police arrested a man Wednesday morning after authorities found a missing woman trapped inside his shed.

Our news partners in Cincinnati, WLWT, is reporting that Dennis Dunn was arrested at 113 Central Avenue at 8:15 a.m.

In early April, Reinbolt said that on four separate occasions on a Saturday evening, Dunn "called police stating that people were trying to break into his house and that he could hear their voices".

According to The Courier, Dunn could not be reached for comment while at the hospital and in custody.

Police describe the pit Elliott was kept in as being about 3-and-a-half feet deep and 2 feet in diameter.

Police stayed outside Dunn's darkened house while waiting for a search warrant and called a tactical team after neighbors said Dunn might have an assault rifle.

Police found the woman in a pit inside the shed about two hours after she was reported missing.

Dunn was involuntarily admitted to the local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation following one such call, when police returned to his home because neighbors said he was in his yard with a gun.

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It couldn't immediately be determined whether Dunn had an attorney who could comment on the accusations against him.

Hours later, Dunn's neighbor heard cries emerging from the shed in his backyard and called the police.

Reinbolt said a police supervisor responded to the scene and two officers checked the neighborhood for Elliott, to no avail.

Cincinnati NBC affiliate WLWT reports 45-year-old Dennis Dunn of Blanchester was arrested and charged with kidnapping following the discovery of Jennifer Elliott, 30, who was being held against her will in a pit that had been dug in the floor of the shed.

"Obviously the problem wasn't solved", said Reinbolt, discussing the mental health treatment Dunn received.

Dennis Dunn, from OH, has now been charged with her kidnap.

"He never seemed like the type to do something like this, he never came off that way to me - definitely not to kidnap somebody", says Emily Noe, a neighbor. They said she hadn't been seen since about 11:30 Tuesday night. She was treated at a hospital and released.

Earlier this month, he was accused of disorderly conduct and marijuana possession. He will answer the misdemeanor charges in the Clinton County Municipal Court.