Capcom May Remake The First Resident Evil Again

Capcom has tried to do a redesign of the game after 6 years of developing and publishing the original Resident Evil. The remake of the game is basically for the Nintendo GameCube standing as the biggest console unleashed until now. Some players may have believed that the company will not touch the remake of the game again after its first series. Kazunori Kadoi the Resident Evil 2 director mentioned that the chances of remaking the first of the game remain high.

Though, the director made it clear that this remake project may happen later in the future. So, if you are having any doubt about the remake of the first Resident Evil game, hearing from the horse mouth is a clear confirmation of all possibilities. When talking about making a redesign for the game many people consider it laughable. Kadoi believes making a redesign of the first Resident Evil game will be a great project to accomplish.

While specifics may not be provided by the director on how the redesign of the game will look like, the possibility remains certain. In fact, Kadoi reiterated that there may be two possibilities of remaking the game from its original copy. One of the possibilities communicated by the franchise director is that the redesign of the first series of the game may look like Resident Evil 2.

It will come with an over-the-shoulder perspective rather than using fixed camera angles. The storyline of the remake will have a streamlined concept with broad enhanced graphics. The Resident Evil 7 may be a huge assistance for Capcom when redesigning the first Resident Evil game. The edition of the game that can be played in the first-person view is something that Capcom may use.

At this juncture, the redesign project for the game remains highly hypothetical. The main project in the focus of the publishing franchise is the remake of Resident Evil 2. This means that much seriousness has not been attached to the remake project of the first Resident Evil. Many people believe that the company may embark on the project of creating Resident Evil 8 or the redesign of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It is not a huge surprise to see Capcom engaging in the redesign of games.

The company has mentioned in previous that its goal is to engage in remastering and remake of games. This is the technique the company wants to follow at the moment until any changes may be made in the future. The future plan of the company is to continue in redesigning games with the objective of producing quality consoles. This means that the company will not rule out any possibility of remaking any original game from its archives.


The Resident Evil redesign is now available for Wii, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC, and GameCube. If you want to see how the trailer of the game will look like, hover over the official page of the publisher.

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Fortnite Dev Dismisses PS5 Code Name ‘Erebus’ Theory

In the end, game rumors may eventually become reality. The truth is that many rumors also end up being false in the long run. Fortnite dev has helped in destroying such false rumor that claims that the PS5 code name is not depicting the PlayStation five at all. After the code was found in the Unreal Engine 4, the rumor began to spread fast. The end of the rumor from different games eventually led to Erebus created from existing consoles.

The strong relationship between Sony and Epic Games led to the usage a Greek mythos name called Project Morpheus to create the PS4’s virtual reality PS5. Arjan Brussee the Fortnite creator communicated on Twitter about the issue. Arjan mentioned that the Switch design of Fortnite prior to unleashing it to the public remains the code name. Some are envisaging that Arjan may be trying to hide the secret and concept of the PS5 from the public. Well, it happens that no specific reason can be confirmed for Brussels to tell lies.

Right on the list, you will discover that other games were marked by using certain abbreviations with respect to the consoles on their internet services. For instance, TST2 remains the abbreviation of Erebus, which implies a short meaning for Test 2. People that operate in the Unreal Engine 4 world will know the actual reason for using a Greek name for Erebus. This is because the name itself remains an in-depth code that only the creators can understand.
In Greek mythology, Erebus remains a royal deity that displays total darkness. It is a great method in disrupting or dismissing the codename theory of a Switch port. The name code Erebus helped in keeping the code under confinement and secret without people understanding its main concept. In the end, it is noted that Fortnite for the Switch later appeared and transformed into the Nintendo eShop dramatically.

It came on the same day that the Nintendo franchise made a presentation at E3 2018 event. If you are a PS fan, then waiting is the right solution at the moment. Spending some time to allow the management of Sony to make the final day of the release of PS5 will help resolve any doubt in confinement. It is recommended that players should anticipate for the release of PS5 prior to the commencement of 2020. This means that until Sony is ready and comfortable with concrete evidence of information, it may not make any announcement soon.


The Fortnite dev is a big evidence to discredit any information spreading about the PS5 code name theory out there. While concrete evidence has not been put out by the publishing company, it is recommended for fans to remain calm and watchful. Fortnite is now available on Switch, Xbox One, iOS, PS4 and PC devices for your immediate use. Even if you have Android devices, it is always possible to enjoy Fortnite games. While we wait for better confirmation, you can keep rocking the Fortnite game’s world.

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Destiny 2: Exclusive Rewards of Season 4 Revealed

Fan often find it difficult to agree on exclusive loot. Fans that want everything and those that only like the grind will always have a point of contention. Redrix’s Claymore was introduced by Bungie in Destiny 2 season three. This remains a great rifle that only about nine thousand gamers were able to get due to the time-consuming grid when playing competitively. If you are a fan that the not acquired the Redrix’s Claymore, there is another opportunity to get a similar tool.

Once the season four of Forsaken is launched, this opportunity will be given to you again. Through the Crucible of Destiny 2 season 4, you can be sure of getting the best opportunity of using something the Redrix’s Claymore again. For season four, the issue of the PvP aspect of the game has been on the table of the security response team according to Bungie Destiny 2 blog post. At the moment the season four Glory incentive has not been officially unveiled by Bungie Luna’s Howl scenario.

Nevertheless, it is evident that some tangible secrets have been revealed from the access to Crucible pinnacle incentives such as Luna’s Howl, Redrix’s Broadsword and Redrix’s Claymore. These rewards can be lost when you get banned and restrictions from the service. According to the blog post, it appears as the guns mentioned about can be put together and assumed as the highest incentives in the game. Through Glory ranking, players will again have the benefit of the doubt to grind to Fabled status.

The message of the post is to ensure that Bungie schedules remain certain the grind becomes accessible to players who want to make use of Glory’s status. One great thing the publishing franchise is doing is to ensure that more improvements take place in the identification of gamers. Gamers that are planning to use or touch the internet connection will break the TOS while trying to take advantage of the system. New bans and restrictions will be applied from September 4 to gamer accounts that profit from opponent disconnects.

During season three, if this type of action is notices, the service will try to ban such accounts. There is every possibility for you to lose Crucible incentives depending on the severity of the damaged caused. This is applicable to Destiny 2 incomplete and previously mentioned guns. During the Crucible segment, the gun was first discovered as an area of the sandbox update live stream. It was basically used in three tapping a foe when first noticed.


Luna’s Howl appears to be an effective gun according to the community. This gun is worth grinding and fighting for with respect of the Magnificent Howl trait. Magnificent Howl incentives caused a huge destruction on a third shot after attempting to attack an enemy two times. It is also similar to the sophisticated scout rifle Polaris Lance. One of the most powerful weapons in the Destiny 2 game happens to be Luna’s Howl. In the hands of a professional, this weapon is simply lethal.

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Where is Xur Located in Destiny 2? Exotic Armor, Weapon, And Recommendations For August 31

The recent update has brought a new life to the creature for one year that Xur the predictable Destiny 2 exotic merchant released this game. Xur is not appearing in several places after using a detailed page from its previous predecessor’s concept. It is no longer appearing only in the Flashpoint of a given week. The fated engram of Xur is undergoing through some minor changes after getting rid of its Easter egg hunt. The changes will also take effect immediately Forsaken is launched.

There is every possibility that players will not be able to use it in acquiring gear and classic weapons. This is because the first year classic loot table will still be active. The function of Xur is pretty the same even if you may notice a slight difference from what has been known in the past. It is still providing consumables in exchange for top-notch Shards and exotic loot as well. This content will help you discover what Xur is offering from August 31 and where to find it. This offer will continue until Destiny: 2 Forsaken is released on September 3.

How Can You Find Xur?

The concept and secret leading to the creation of Xur are much around. Due to this quest, gamers are looking for every method to locate this exotic merchant. The European Dead Zone is the right place to find Xur. At the moment, you will not find any icon pointing to its actual geographical location. The Winding Cove is the normal place to find this exotic merchant. This is simply a ledge above the Fallen.

Class Amor:

One classic armor piece has been provided by Xur this week. This happens to be every stage of the first year of Destiny 2. The inventory Xur brings this week includes the Vesper of Radius chest for Warlocks, Ashen Wake Titan gauntlets and Knucklehead Radar for Hunters. The inventory may not be interesting to some players. However, every item presented by Xur this week is going to appear in the newly randomized rolls.

Players can save their money since Forsaken will be launched in a couple of days from now. This resource can be used to purchase a new and innovative gear beginning from next week. The Vesper of Radius chest armor can be picked up by Warlocks to boost player’s rifts. There is a spark of electric shock wave due to Planetary Torrent. This will outwardly be displayed after the rift is cast by the gamer initially. The energy from the rift charges faster when the gamer is covered by foes.


In a Warlock’s arsenal, the rift remains crucial equipment. It can be used in increasing damage or restoring health. If you do not have this sophisticated item yet, then it may be another great option. Until Destiny 2: Forsaken is launched, you can always enjoy the weapons, exotic armor, and recommendations of Xur. If you are planning to enjoy this game, then be ready to pre-order Destiny 2 today.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky Details Revealed

The latest season for Rainbox Six Siege – Operation Grim Sky has been announced by Ubisoft recently. There is a complete rework and the introduction of two new operators in the latest season of the game. The rework will affect a Consulate map buff, bug fixes, existing Hereford Base map and the solution to the weapon sight misalignment problem. The deceptively silent breaching attacker and the new shield-bearing defensive operator have been tested in the renewed Hereford Base.

Operation Grim Sky

Since the introduction of Mira, Clash is bringing the largest meta-game alteration ever as the new defensive operator. There are innovative techniques available as the game remains the first shield-oriented defensive operator in Rainbox 6. This feature may not be available to the defensive team at the moment. There is every possibility to move swiftly and figure out the locations of your enemy in the game. This is possible through the security of your shield in the game. Even when your teammates reposition, there is every possibility to block kill holes.

While the shield may not only be for protection, the introduction of this character remains a great asset. Through electrical shocks, she will be able to get rid of small damages to any foes. The electrical capability of this character in the game can be recharged quickly. However, players that use up their battery will have to wait and recharge before gaining access to this feature again. Clash is able to prop her shield when her secondary SMG or pistol is equipped. This will help to protect Clash from behind while operating.

The attacking group will have to move closer so as to capture or attack Clash. The group should also melee the shield operator to make this process successful. This will leave Clash lower body vulnerable and also makes her recoil. Clash can as well lose the battle with the help of the Capitao’s flaming arrows. With Thatcher grenades, the ability for Clash to make use of her electrical strength will be removed. According to Ubisoft, Clash remains a low lethality operator. This simply means that destroying Clash is simple and easy to achieve. In terms of enemy location callouts and area denial, Clash can be an invaluable asset.

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Maverick is the Grim Sky’s US-based operator. This operator will breach hatches and walls with the help of a blow torch either in the reinforced or not reinforced state. It will help Maverick to create kill holes in areas opponents will not have the sense of remaining safe. It is also a method of determining how defenders need to act when in the opposing side. The blowtorch of Maverick often operates quietly. This implies that the operator has the capability to surprise the opposing side.

The blowtorch of Maverick is not great in creating big environments that operators can work with. This means that Maverick is not a smooth operator like Hibana or Thermite. The rifles of Maverick usually hit strongly from a distance.

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Ubisoft Declined To Release Rainbow Six Siege On Nintendo Switch

The online community has been taken by storm through the activities of Rainbox Six Siege. After launching 3 years ago, Rainbox Six Siege has become sensational and intriguing. It is certain, that the publishing franchise left the scene earlier than anticipated. Nevertheless, this team-oriented shooter game has been the favourite in popularity and player count. The third season of DLC is where you can find the live service of the game. It is true that Ubisoft has been great with PC games and consoles, it may not deliver the same production savvy offer for Nintendo Switch.

Rainbow Six Siege On Nintendo Switch

Alexandre Remy, the brand director of Rainbow Six Siege has mentioned that the company will not air the game on Nintendo Switch. Remy continued by saying the company has a gamut of reasons for taking this decision. The inability for the CPU to withstand online multiplayer structure issue and system’s technical problems are some reasons the company will not air the game on Nintendo Switch. This is crucial because the CPU is expected to operate at sixty frames in a second on screen for all gamers.

According to record, this will not be the premier Ubisoft game without being aired on Nintendo Switch. For instance, the last 2016 game called Steep was supposed to air on Switch, but the product may be stopped at the moment. The live service for the game already exists and the support may not be enough. The company is also finding it difficult to ensure the game works smoothly on a technical inferior platform. It appears that Rainbox Six Siege and Steep share the same reasons for not airing on Switch. This is because the games are not strong enough to fit the platform.
Nintendo and Ubisoft have had amazing success in time past, especially on Switch-exclusive titles. In the previous year, Mario plus Rabbis: Kingdom Battle was released by Ubisoft with success. In fact, the game eventually became the best seller on Switch in a space of few months of launch. At the moment, Ubisoft may not have any plans to release games on Nintendo Switch platform. In February, Ubisoft will be launching its long-awaited game called Trials Rising across all platforms. Nintendo Switch will also air Starlink: Battle for Atlas. This game will come Switch exclusive like Valiant Hearts: The Great War, 2014 Child of Light and Star Fox content. These games will be making a new appearance to the public in November of this year.

For games to be aired on Nintendo Switch, they have to be properly designed and differently to have a chance. It should not be a shocking scenario not seeing Rainbow Six Siege on Nintendo Switch. Call of Duty and Destiny 2 will not be airing on Switch as well. Blizzard has openly mentioned that it may air the amazing game called Overwatch on Switch in the future. The content is here to help you understand some reasons why Rainbox Six Siege will not be coming to Switch now and in the future.

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Rumor: Nintendo Making 4K Switch Console will release in early 2019

The upgrades of Mid-gen console have become well-known at the moment with the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. Both upgrades come with improved visuals and extra horsepower. According to the swaging rumors currently on the internet, Nintendo may be building something similar to this console. The rumor also stated that it will be the premium edition of the Nintendo Switch. Marcus Sellars remain the rumor source and an industry insider. Marcus is usually known to spread rumors and to leak them via Twitter.

Nintendo Making 4K Switch Console

Nintendo Making 4K Switch Console Might Come Around Early 2019

According to Marcus, the Nintendo Switch will be unleashed to the public around the early months of 2019. The game will be coming with 12GB of inner storage, 8GB RAM and dynamic scaling that works on 4k resolution. Marcus continued by saying that there will be exclusive games in this premium Switch. The exclusive games will not be accessible when purchasing the normal edition of the console. Marcus gave a good example by citing the Resident Evil 2 remake. It will also be accessible via stream platforms such as Twitch.

It is important to emphasize that the rumor should not be taken seriously at the moment. In time past, there is every possibility for Marcus to have leaked some amazing gaming details. Marcus has also been a source for unreal information that eventually becomes obsolete. A good example of Marcus leak that eventually became false is the Black Ops 4 will be aired on Switch. For this reason, if you are reading this article, ensure to take it with a grain of salt.

The rumor about Nintendo making 4k Switch console may be too difficult to accept for a plethora of reasons. The first proof is that Nintendo may not unleash any premium edition of Switch in the early months of 2019. Normally, March of 2017 remains the original release date for Switch. To increase its potential sales, Nintendo will be willing to unleash an innovative game during the holiday period. There would have been an early accouchement if Nintendo plan to unleash an upgrade console that will be operating with 4k resolution.

The franchise would have also stated the potential capacity of the upgrade in the early months of 2018. The support for Twitch streaming by the upgrade Switch is another reason it may be difficult to accept. The game streaming experience has been mentioned by Nintendo as no fun. Nintendo has not mentioned that it will add the game streaming process to any of their consoles. There is every possibility for game streaming to be a marketing strategy for Nintendo paid internet service that will be unleashed around September. Since nothing has been deliberated about this actual information, Nintendo may not have any plans to action on the process.


Is there any possibility that Nintendo will be unleashing premium edition of Switch next year? The truth is that anything may be possible, but the moment the plan seems unlikely. If the franchise will be releasing anything, then you can imagine something like Xbox Scarlet and PS5.

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